16th Jun 2021| by Brands to life

Branding North East Melbourne’s Public Health Unit


Accessible branding for NEPHU

NEPHU (North Eastern Public Health Unit) represents a new approach to communicating public health on a local level.

Austin Health was appointed as the lead health service for the North Eastern Public Health Unit, and asked Brands to life® to work with them to create a unique brand identity for NEPHU.

Formally the management of public health across greater Melbourne has been driven by one centralised support team. But with a decision made to have more locally based public health units, NEPHU was created to service the public health interests of areas in the North East of Melbourne.

They are responsible for managing and responding to public health issues that cover the existing catchment areas of Austin Health, Eastern Health, Northern Health and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne – a population of more than 1.6 million people.

North Eastern Public Health Unit will advocate and legislate specifically for people within their area. Their remit is to communicate specifically to within in their area about public health issues. Specifically at present around Covid issues but also future focussed around issues ie Water and Air Quality, Communicable diseases etc… as they relate specifically to the North Eastern communities of Melbourne. The aim is to create a world class public health unit and to keep the North East healthy.

With the cultural diversity within Melbourne’s North East, we wanted to create an approachable and inclusive Brand Visual Identity. One that could engage whatever their English language skills.

We created a visual language, to allow NEPHU to be representative of the whole community and flexible enough for communications to be easily and affordably adapted to address specific audiences and issues to enable important messaging to flow out to the community as swiftly as possible.



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